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(Fotos von Haloerscheinungen aus Bilddatenbanken und Bildarchiven) /
(Photos of Halo phenomena from image databases and photo archives)

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Robert Nemiroff (MTU = Michigan Technological University); Jerry Bonnell (UMCP = University of Maryland, College Park)
"Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive",

Author Date Title Ressource
Grant W. Goodge July 6, 1999 A Sun Pillar
Juan Carlos Casado 2000 May 15 A Halo Around the Moon
Stan Richard 2001 March 13 A Sun Pillar
Jim Kirkpatrick; Brigitte Heiter-Kirkpatrick 2001 November 7 A Sun Pillar in Red and Violet
Philip Appleton 2002 January 14 Sun Halo at Winter Solstice
Walter Tape 2002 September 2 Colorful Light Pillars
Dave Liquorice 2002 December 30 A Sun Pillar
Lauri A. Kangas 2003 January 23 Launch of the Sun Pillar
Lauri Kangas 2003 March 21 Stars and Planets in the Halo of the Moon
Sarah McKay 2003 April 21 A Halo Around the Moon
Eva Seidenfaden 2004 August 4 Solar Arcs and Halos
Vydor 2005 March 9 A Sun Halo Over Tennessee
Lucy Orloski 2006 January 2 A Sun Pillar Over Maine
Jim Kirkpatrick; Brigitte Heiter-Kirkpatrick 2006 February 5 A Sun Pillar in Red and Violet
Note: identical to 2001 November 7
Walter Tape 2006 March 5 Colorful Light Pillars
Note: identical to 2002 September 2
Doug Wilson 2006 April 11 A Sun Halo over Utah
Lauri Turtiainen 2006 June 13 Driving Toward a Sun Halo
Gil Esquerdo 2006 November 9 Halo and Hexagons
Jean-Marc Lecleire 2008 May 16 Circles in the Sky
Paul Gitto 2008 June 10 A Fire Rainbow Over New Jersey
Kari Nyman 2008 June 18 Pyramid Ice Crystal Halos Over Finland
Juan Carlos Casado 2008 December 7 A Halo Around the Moon
Note: identical to 2000 May 15
Terry Holdsclaw 2008 December 15 A Sun Pillar Over North Carolina
Aigar Truhin 2009 January 12 Unusual Light Pillars Over Latvia
Laurent Laveder 2009 February 13 Circle 'round the Moon
Todd Sladoje 2009 May 12 A Circumhorizontal Arc Over Ohio
Patrick Lécureuil 2009 June 11 Pyrenees Paraselene
Nagy Attila 2010 February 8 A Sun Halo Over Cambodia
George C. Privon 2010 February 23 Exceptional Rocket Waves Destroy Sun Dog
David Alquist 2010 March 6 Pillar at Sunset
Tamas Ladanyi 2010 April 2 Serene Paraselene
Peter Rosén 2011 January 10 A Sun Halo Beyond Stockholm
Rick Stankiewicz 2011 August 18 A Sun Pillar Over Ontario
Rafael Schmall 2012 February 11 A February Moon's Halo
Anthony Ayiomamitis 2012 November 20 A Halo Around the Moon
Dani Caxete 2012 December 3 A Quadruple Lunar Halo Over Spain
Göran Strand 2012 December 18 A Sun Pillar Over Sweden
Sebastian Saarloos 2013 January 26 Alaskan Moondogs
Juan Manuel Pérez Rayego 2013 May 27 Bird Sun Dog
Luis Argerich 2013 June 28 A Super Moon's Halo
Thomas Kast 2013 December 18 Light Pillars over Finland
Janne Voutilainen 2014 January 31 Light Pillars from a Little Planet
Todd Sladoje 2014 May 24 A Circumhorizontal Arc Over Ohio
Note: identical to 2009 May 12
Stéphane Vetter 2014 September 23 Aurora and Volcanic Light Pillar
Martin Ratcliffe 2014 December 11 Moondog Night
LI Hang 2015 August 11 A Blue Moon Halo over Antarctica
Sergio Montúfar 2015 December 15 Colorful Arcs over Buenos Aires
Allisha Libby 2016 February 8 Light Pillars over Alaska
Sebastian Saarloos 2016 March 21 Alaskan Moondogs
Note: identical to 2013 January 26
Yuri Beletsky 2016 May 18 Halo from Atacama

American Geological Institute, 4220 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22302-1502
"Earth Science World Image Bank",

Photographer Description Photo ID
Larry Fellows 22-degree halo around the sun. ipaqqw
Ralf F. Kresge Sundogs. h9hjzc
NOAA Halo around the sun. h9hjun

NASA's Earth Science Division and the EOS Project Science Office (at Goddard Space Flight Center)
and the Universities Space Research Association.
"Earth Science Picture of the Day",
Format of date: (MM/DD)

2001: Schema of URL: ({MM/Document})
Provider / Author Date Title MM/Document
Jim Foster 02/12 "Sun Pillar" 02/sun-pillar.html
Dee Krevey; Eric Andersen 02/27 "Sundog" 02/sundog.html
Stan Richard 03/14 "Sun Pillar over Iowa" 03/sun-pillar-over-iowa.html
AKM e.V.; Jim Foster 11/19 "Upper Tangent Arc" 11/upper-tangent-arc.html

2002: Schema of URL: ({MM/Document})
Provider / Author Date Title MM/Document
AKM e.V.; Jim Foster 01/15 "Circumscribed Arc" 01/circumscribed-arc.html
Mike O'Leary; Jim Foster 03/28 "22 Degree Halo" 03/22-degree-halo-1.html
Martin Ruzek 04/11 "Parhelia" 04/parhelia.html
Sven Lüke; Jim Foster 07/29 "Brilliant Parhelion" 07/brilliant-parhelion.html
Michael Ellestad; Jim Foster 08/19 "Circumhorizontal Halo" 08/circumhorizontal-halo.html
Michael Ellestad; Jim Foster 10/09 "Parhelic Circle and Halo" 10/parhelic-circle-and-halo.html
Cathy Schultz; Jim Foster 10/14 "Morning Pillar" 10/morning-pillar.html
Michael Ellestad 10/29 "Exotic Halos" 10/exotic-halos.html
Mike Stammler; Jim Foster 11/15 "Spanish Sunset" (Sun pillar) 11/spanish-sunset.html
Michael Ellestad; Jim Foster 11/20 "Halo Complex" 11/halo-complex.html
Peg Staudenmaier; Jim Foster 12/02 "Low Down Dog" (faint parahelia) 12/low-down-dog-1.html
James Kaler 12/11 "Spectacular Sun Pillar" 12/spectacular-sun-pillar.html
James Kaler 12/14 "Sun Pillar Redux" 12/sun-pillar-redux.html

2003: Schema of URL: ({MM/Document})
Provider / Author Date Title MM/Document
James Kaler 01/10 "Striking Subsun" 01/striking-subsun.html
Wolfgang Hamburg; Jim Foster 01/30 "Sun Pillar Over Germany" 01/sun-pillar-over-germany.html
Philippe Moussette; Jim Foster 02/13 "Unique View of Lunar Halo" 02/unique-view-of-lunar-halo.html
David J. van Unen; Les Cowley 03/03 "Diamond Dust Dog" 03/diamond-dust-dog.html
James Kaler 03/04 "Subsun and Halo" 03/subsun-and-halo.html
Michael Ellestad; Jim Foster 03/08 "Pyramidal Ice Halos" 03/pyramidal-ice-halos.html
Michael Ellestad; Jim Foster 04/04 "Upper Tangent Arc and Sun Pillar" 04/upper-tangent-arc-and-sun-pillar.html
Jean-Marie Maillard; Jim Foster 04/20 "Pastel Pillar" 04/pastel-pillar.html
Michael Ellestad; Jim Foster 05/01 "Circumscribed Halo" 05/circumscribed-halo.html
Shannon L. Story; Jim Foster 05/16 "Twenty Two Degree Halo" 05/twenty-two-degree-halo.html
Jean-Marie Maillard; Jim Foster; Les Cowley 05/21 "Lunar Halo, Jupiter, Contrail, and Shadow" 05/lunar-halo-jupiter-contrail-and-shadow.html
Michael Ellestad; Jim Foster; 06/02 "Circumzenithal Arc" 06/circumzenithal-arc.html
Paul Busse; Jim Foster; Les Cowley 06/03 "Circumhorizontal Arc" 06/circumhorizontal-arc.html
Tim Martin 06/23 "Subsun and Subparhelia" 06/subsun-and-subparhelia.html
Blake Wood 08/11 "Sundogs and Tangent Arc" 08/sundogs-and-tangent-arc.html
Jean-Marie Maillard; Monique Servais 08/12 "Halo Complex Above Belgium" 08/halo-complex-above-belgium.html
Gerald Rodgers; Jim Foster 09/06 "Sunrise Pillar" 09/sunrise-pillar-.html
Christine Churchill; Jim Foster 09/07 "Sub Pillar" 09/sub-pillar.html
Ern Mainka; Jim Foster 10/13 "Lunar Halo and Mars" 10/lunar-halo-and-mars.html
Peg Staudenmaier 10/31 "Moondog and Mars" 10/moondog-and-mars.html
James Baker 11/23 "Circumzenithal Arc Above Memphis" 11/circumzenithal-arc-above-memphis.html
Paul Charbonneau; Jim Foster 11/25 "Autumn Pillar" 11/autumn-pillar.html
George Anderson; Jim Foster 11/26 "Sun Pillar Above Adelaide" 11/sun-pillar-above-adelaide.html
Steve Caiels; Martin Ruzek 12/12 "Sunrise Arc and Rays" 12/sunrise-arc-and-rays.html
Christine Churchill 12/13 "Spirited Sundog" 12/spirited-sundog.html
Michael Ellestad; Jim Foster 12/14 "Upper Concave Parry Arc" 12/upper-concave-parry-arc.html
Jennifer Oehler; Jim Foster 12/31 "Holiday Pillar" 12/holiday-pillar-1.html

2004: Schema of URL: ({MM/Document})
Provider / Author Date Title MM/Document
Tim Coyne; Jim Foster 14/01 "Sundog With Tail" 01/sundog-with-tail.html
Eric Gallant; Jim Foster 25/01 "Enchanting Light Pillar" 01/enchanting-light-pillar.html
Laurent Laveder 09/02 "Reflection of Circumzenithal Arc" 02/reflection-of-circumzenithal-arc.html
Laurent Laveder 10/02 "Sky Arcs" 02/sky-arcs.html
Michael Ellestad; Jim Foster 11/02 "Lunar Halo Complex" 02/lunar-halo-complex.html
William Trost; Jim Foster 12/03 "Pillar Punctuating a Purple Sky" 03/pillar-punctuating-a-purple-sky.html
Thomas Holmgren; Jim Foster 13/03 "Partial Lunar Halo" 03/partial-lunar-halo.html
Philippe Moussette; Jim Foster 02/04 "Lunar Halo and Jupiter" 04/lunar-halo-and-jupiter.html
Charles Bryan; Jim Foster 07/04 "Sundog With Bright Tail" 04/sundog-with-bright-tail.html
Glen Bohusch; Jim Foster 08/04 "Elongated Sundog" 04/elongated-sundog.html
Christopher Bradley; Les Cowley 10/04 "Brilliant Sun Pillar" 04/brilliant-sun-pillar.html
Lauri Kangas; Jim Foster 03/05 "Upper and Lower Sun Pillars" 05/upper-and-lower-sun-pillars.html
Mike Sierra; Jim Foster 04/05 "Street Pillars" 05/street-pillars.html
Annie Mejia; Joe Pirelli; Jim Foster 18/05 "Halo and Space Needle" 05/halo-and-space-needle.html
Thierry Demange; Jim Foster 19/05 "Parhelia and Contrails" 05/parhelia-and-contrails.html
Chris Sargent; Jim Foster 05/06 "Circumzenithal Arc Above London" 06/circumzenithal-arc-above-london.html
Jean-Marie Maillard; Jim Foster 06/06 "Contrail and Circumzenithal Arc" 06/contrail-and-circumzenithal-arc.html
Rick Stankiewicz; Jim Foster 23/06 "Sun Pillar" 06/sun-pillar.html
Laurent Laveder 16/07 "Contrail, Shadow and Halo" 07/contrail-shadow-and-halo.html
Judy Mosby; Jim Foster 17/07 "Death Valley Dog" 07/death-valley-dog.html
Joey Amanda Pace; Jim Foster 12/08 "Circumhorizontal Arc Over Phoenix" 08/circumhorizontal-arc-over-phoenix.html
Rick Stankiewicz; Jim Foster 14/08 "Cool, City Dog" 08/cool-city-dog.html
Laurent Laveder; Jim Foster 27/09 "Faint Moondog" 09/faint-moondog.html
Corina Smit; Jim Foster 03/10 "Netherlands Circumzenithal Arc" 10/netherlands-circumzenithal-arc.html
Robert Wagner; Jim Foster 16/10 "Circumhorizontal Arc Over Lindau, Germany" 10/circumhorizontal-arc-over-lindau-germany.html
John Eckard; Jim Foster 17/10 "Circumhorizontal Arc Over Gunnison, Colorado" 10/circumhorizontal-arc-over-gunnison-colorado.html
Laurent Laveder; Jim Foster 27/10 "22 Degree Lunar Halo" 10/22-degree-lunar-halo.html
Laurent Laveder; Jim Foster 12/11 "Blue Tailed Sun Dog" 11/blue-tailed-sun-dog.html
Jean-Louis Venne; Jim Foster 25/11 "Circumzenithal Arc Over La Seyne" 11/circumzenithal-arc-over-la-seyne.html
J. Griffin Murphey; Jim Foster 26/12 "Pillar Over Cincinnati" 12/pillar-over-cincinnati.html
Paul Charbonneau; Jim Foster 27/12 "Pillar Above Kamouraska, Quebec" 12/pillar-above-kamouraska-quebec.html
Rick Stankiewicz 28/12 "Night Lights" 12/night-lights.html

2005: Schema of URL: ({MM/Document})
Provider / Author Date Title MM/Document
John Cirillo 04/02 "Sun Pillar Over Otterbein, Indiana" 02/sun-pillar-over-otterbein-indiana.html
David Wigglesworth 05/02 "Toronto Pillar" 02/toronto-pillar.html
Peg Zenko 07/03 "Lunar Halo and Cloud Layers" 03/lunar-halo-and-cloud-layers.html
Stephen Mayne 08/03 "Vivid Sun Dog Pair" 03/vivid-sun-dog-pair-.html
Thomas Herrmann; Jim Foster 12/03 "Upper and Lower Lunar Pillars" 03/upper-and-lower-lunar-pillars.html
Barbara Dr. Ernst 13/03 "Bavarian Pillar" 03/bavarian-pillar-.html
Matteo Cantiello 14/03 "Pisa Sunset" 03/pisa-sunset.html
James Kaler 11/05 "Brilliant Subsun" 05/brilliant-subsun.html
Michael Ellestad 19/05 "Elliptical Halo" 05/elliptical-halo.html
Philippe Taieb; Jim Foster 28/05 "22 Degree Halo Above Martinique" 05/22-degree-halo-above-martinique.html
Bill Verzal; Jim Foster 29/05 "Halo Above Gurnee, Illinois" 05/halo-above-gurnee-illinois.html
Barbara Gettman; Jim Foster 14/06 "Circumhorizontal Arc Over Georgetown, Texas" 06/circumhorizontal-arc-over-georgetown-texas.html
Dominic Cantin; Jim Foster 15/06 "Circumscribed Halo Above Quebec" 06/circumscribed-halo-above-quebec.html
Rainer Ehlert; Jim Foster 17/06 "Lunar Halo and Jupiter Too" 06/lunar-halo-and-jupiter-too.html
Anita Gould; Jim Foster 08/07 "Pillar Above Cranbury, New Jersey" 07/pillar-above-cranbury-new-jersey.html
Michael Weintraub 13/07 "Solar Halo Over Boca Raton" 07/solar-halo-over-boca-raton.html
Thomas Herrmann 20/07 "Circumzenithal Arc Over Erlensee, Germany" 07/circumzenithal-arc-over-erlensee-germany-.html
Cristina Tinta 08/08 "Pillar Above Cluj-Napoca, Romania" 08/pillar-above-clujnapoca-romania.html
Jens Olbrich; Jim Foster 14/08 "Surf Dog" 08/surf-dog.html
John A. Adam 15/08 "Double Dog" 08/double-dog.html
Andrew Yee; Jim Foster 08/09 "Lake Wanapitei Sundogs" 09/lake-wanapitei-sundogs.html
Thomas Herrmann 22/10 "Circumzenithal and Upper Tangent Arcs" 10/circumzenithal-and-upper-tangent-arcs.html
Judy A Mosby 14/11 "Nevada Noontime Halo" 11/nevada-noontime-halo.html
Manon Boily; Jim Foster 15/11 "Quebec City Circumscribed Halo" 11/quebec-city-circumscribed-halo.html
Thomas Herrmann; Jim Foster 26/11 "Contrails and Halo" 11/contrails-and-halo.html
Pete Lawrence 28/11 "Telescopic Moon Dog" 11/telescopic-moon-dog.html
David Watson; Jim Foster 20/12 "Pillar Duo" 12/pillar-duo.html
Gerald Rodgers; Jim Foster 21/12 "Stoney Creek Park Pillar" 12/stoney-creek-park-pillar.html
Hans Jürgen von Lengerke 26/12 "Bavarian Alps Halo Display" 12/bavarian-alps-halo-display.html

2006: Schema of URL: ({MM/Document})
Provider / Author Date Title MM/Document
Daniel Herron; Jim Foster 24/01 "Parhelic Circle and Paranthelion" 01/parhelic-circle-and-paranthelion.html
James Baker 25/01 "Memphis Halo Complex" 01/memphis-halo-complex.html
Terry Reagan; Jim Foster 26/01 "Sundog Near Sunrise" 01/sundog-near-sunrise.html
Lucy Orloski; Jim Foster 13/02 "Bangor Sunset Pillar" 02/bangor-sunset-pillar.html
Jean Simard; Jim Foster 13/03 "Brampton, Ontario Pillar" 03/brampton-ontario-pillar.html
John A. Adam 14/03 "Constable Pillar" 03/constable-pillar.html
Thomas Faber; Jim Foster 16/03 "Alpharetta, Georgia Sundog" 03/alpharetta-georgia-sundog.html
Franck Schwitter; Jim Foster; Les Cowley 17/03 "Lower Tangent Arc" 03/lower-tangent-arc.html
Tomas Trzicky 18/03 "Circumzenithal Arc Above Prague" 03/circumzenithal-arc-above-prague.html
Pete Lawrence 12/04 "West Sussex Lunar Halo" 04/west-sussex-lunar-halo.html
Joel Balazuc; Jim Foster 15/04 "Sun Reflection off Clouds" 04/sun-reflection-off-clouds.html
Franck Schwitter; Jim Foster; Les Cowley 24/04 "Upper Tangent and Supralateral Halo" 04/upper-tangent-and-supralateral-halo.html
James Kaler 25/04 "Sundog and Parhelic Circle" 04/sundog-and-parhelic-circle.html
Alexander Wünsche; Jim Foster 26/04 "Anthelion and Anthelic Arcs" 04/anthelion-and-anthelic-arcs.html
David Welsh; Jim Foster 25/06 "Rochester, Minnesota Sundog" 06/rochester-minnesota-sundog.html
Paolo Candy; Jim Foster 26/06 "Circumscribed Halo Over Viterbo, Italy" 06/circumscribed-halo-over-viterbo-italy.html
Paolo Candy; Jim Foster 13/07 "Circumhorizontal Arc Over Viterbo, Italy" 07/circumhorizontal-arc-over-viterbo-italy.html
Laurent Laveder 14/07 "22 Degree Halo, Insect Transit and Contrail" 07/22-degree-halo-insect-transit-and-contrail.html
Kirk Wines; Jim Foster 08/08 "Oro Halo" 08/oro-halo.html
"Orbital" Joe Kienle; Jim Foster 02/09 "Baltimore Sun Pillar" 09/baltimore-sun-pillar.html
Orion Elenzil 09/09 "Halo Complex Above San Francisco" 09/halo-complex-above-san-francisco.html
Dale Hugo; Jim Foster 13/10 "Circumhorizontal Arc Above Arlington Heights, Illinois" 10/circumhorizontal-arc-above-arlington-heights-illinois.html
Sabine Loebbe; Jim Foster 21/11 "Sundog Above the North Island of New Zealand" 11/sundog-above-the-north-island-of-new-zealand.html
Lode Verhelst 26/11 "Moondogs Above Ursel, Belgium" 11/moondogs-above-ursel-belgium.html
David Tiller; Jim Foster 27/11 "Circumscribed Halo Over Nashua, New Hampshire" 11/circumscribed-halo-over-nashua-new-hampshire.html
Alexandra Farkas; Jim Foster 28/12 "Upper Tangent and Parhelia" 12/upper-tangent-and-parhelia.html
P-M Hedén; Jim Foster 29/12 "Halo from Vallentuna, Sweden" 12/halo-from-vallentuna-sweden.html
Laurent Laveder 30/12 "Halo Complex Above Bretagne, France" 12/halo-complex-above-bretagne-france.html

2007: Schema of URL: ({MM/Document})
Provider / Author Date Title MM/Document
Fabiano Diniz; Jim Foster 08/02 "Halo Above Sao Paulo" 02/halo-above-sao-paulo.html
John A. Adam 09/02 "Circumzenithal Arc Over Norfolk, Virginia" 02/circumzenithal-arc-over-norfolk-virginia.html
Paul Williams 15/02 "Subsun Over Bow River" 02/subsun-over-bow-river.html
Wolfgang Hinz; Claudia Hinz; Jim Foster 05/03 "Brannenburg Paraselene" 03/brannenburg-paraselene.html
Michael Ellestad 28/03 "Pyramidal Halos" 03/pyramidal-halos.html
Sandro Ebone; Jim Foster 07/04 "Portao, Brazil Halo" 04/portao-brazil-halo.html
Lode Verhelst 23/04 "Gas Light Pillar" 04/gas-light-pillar.html
Ian Simpkins; Jim Foster 06/05 "Whistler Optics" 05/whistler-optics.html
Geir T. Øye; Jim Foster 01/06 "Upper Tangent Arc Above Orsta, Norway" 06/upper-tangent-arc-above-orsta-norway.html
Michelle Lee Jenkins; Jim Foster 03/06 "Circumzenithal Halo Fragment" 06/circumzenithal-halo-fragment.html
Bill Burton 04/06 "Sub-Sun and Sub-Parhelia Over Southern Canada" 06/sub-sun-and-sub-parhelia-over-southern-canada.html
Sharon Smith 22/06 "Copper Harbor Pillar" 06/copper-harbor-pillar.html
Mario Freitas 19/07 "San Luis Circumscribed Halo" 07/san-luis-circumscribed-halo.html
Jerry Truitt 30/07 "Delmarva Pillar" 07/delmarva-pillar.html
Alexandra Farkas; Stu Witmer 31/07 "Parry Arc Over Budapest" 07/parry-arc-over-budapest.html
Richard Corbett; Jim Foster 10/08 "Antarctic Parhelia" 08/antarctic-parhelia.html
Christine Churchill 11/08 "Sunrise Sundog" 08/sunrise-sundog.html
Kevin McNeal; Jim Foster 09/09 "Cannon Beach Sundogs" 09/cannon-beach-sundogs.html
"Robert Wagner 10/09 "Munich Parhelion" 09/munich-parhelion.html
Alexandra Farkas; Jim Foster 12/09 "Budapest Circumhorizontal Arc" 09/budapest-circumhorizontal-arc.html
Mario Freitas 19/09 "Antisolar Diffuse Arcs" 09/antisolar-diffuse-arcs.html
Kay Meyer 30/09 "Solar Halo Above Glendale, California" 09/solar-halo-above-glendale-california.html
David Wigglesworth 15/11 "Sundogs Above Schomberg, Ontario" 11/sundogs-above-schomberg-ontario.html
Rebecca Jones; Jim Foster 02/12 "Sundog Above Bellingham, Washington" 12/sundog-above-bellingham-washington.html
John Stetson 04/12 "Sebago Lake Pillar Remnant" 12/sebago-lake-pillar-remnant.html
Rolf Kohl 29/12 "Sundog Above Taunus, Germany" 12/sundog-above-taunus-germany.html

2008: Schema of URL: ({MM/Document})
Provider / Author Date Title MM/Document
Serge Walczak; Jim Foster 03/01 "Swiss Sun Pillar" 01/swiss-sun-pillar.html
Francesco De Comité; Jim Foster;
Les Cowley
04/01 "Antisolar Arcs" 01/paranthelion-and-paranthelic-arcs.html
Lisa Gonnelli; Jim Foster 16/01 "Circumhorizontal Arc Above Pilesgrove, New Jersey" 01/circumhorizontal-arc-above-pilesgrove-new-jersey.html
Carl Crumley; Jim Foster 18/02 "Las Vegas Halo" 02/las-vegas-halo.html
Aymen Ibrahem 29/02 "Angle, Line and Halo" 02/angle-line-and-halo.html
Steve Kluge 02/03 "Stonington Sundogs" 03/stonington-sundogs.html
Heather Renyck 03/03 "Winking Dog and Halo" 03/winking-dog-and-halo.html
Daniel Herron; Jim Foster 04/03 "Parhelic Circle and Solar Halo" 03/parhelic-circle-and-solar-halo.html
Brenda Schumpert; Jim Foster 22/03 "Yulee, Florida Circumhorizontal Arc" 03/yulee-florida-circumhorizontal-arc.html
Shannon L. Story; Jim Foster 01/04 "Sun Pooches" 04/sun-pooches.html
Brenda Schumpert; Jim Foster 11/04 "Circumzenithal Arc Over London, London England" 04/circumzenithal-arc-over-london-london-england.html
Jeffrey Carlson; Jim Foster 12/04 "Cheraw State Park Sun Pillar" 04/cheraw-state-park-sun-pillar.html
Michael Ellestad 02/05 "Elliptical Halo Over Southern Ohio" 05/elliptical-halo-over-southern-ohio.html
Rick Stankiewicz 17/05 "Peterborough Pillars" 05/peterborough-pillars.html
Joseph Perry; Jim Foster 18/05 "Palmyra Pillars" 05/palmyra-pillars.html
Shaun Henning 25/05 "Portland, Maine Sundog and Tail from Aloft" 05/portland-maine-sundog-and-tail-from-aloft.html
David Cartier, Sr. 10/06 "Yukon Moondogs" 06/yukon-moondogs.html
David Tiller; Jim Foster 16/06 "Pink Pillar Over Nashua, New Hampshire" 06/pink-pillar-over-nashua-new-hampshire.html
"Philippe Moussette; Jim Foster 24/06 "Lunar Halo above Quebec" 06/post-template.html
Kari Nyman; Jim Foster 01/07 "Halo Complex Over Southern Finland" 07/halo-complex-over-southern-finland.html
Alex Langoussis 20/07 "Sewanee Arcs and Circles" 07/sewanee-arcs-and-circles.html
Mike Burdic 21/07 "West Yellowstone Winter Halo" 07/west-yellowstone-winter-halo.html
Gabriel Gutierrez-Alonso, Jim Foster 24/07 "Asturias, Spain Sun Pillar" 07/asturias-spain-sun-pillar.html
Carol Steinel; Jim Foster 05/08 "Port Townsend Circumhorizontal Arc" 08/port-townsend-circumhorizontal-arc.html
Nevada Ruehlen 31/08 "North Cascades Circumzenithal Arc" 08/north-cascades-circumzenithal-arc.html
Sharon Smith 09/09 "Pillar Above Brockway Mountain" 09/pillar-above-brockway-mountain.html
Curtasu Mihai; Jim Foster 15/09 "Sundog Over Bucegi Mountains" 09/sundog-over-bucegi-mountains.html
Dale Hugo; Jim Foster 26/09 "Double Pillars Over Arlington Heights, Illinois" 09/double-pillars-over-arlington-heights-illinois.html
George Janson; Jim Foster 03/10 "Circumzenithal Arc Above Ft. Collins, Colorado" 10/circumzenithal-arc-above-ft-collins-colorado.html
Mario Freitas 04/10 "Barigui Circumzenithal Arc, Brazil" 10/barigui-circumzenithal-arc-brazil.html
Barbara Kent Lawrence, Jim Foster 06/10 "Circumhorizontal Arc Over Acadia National Park" 10/circumhorizontal-arc-over-acadia-national-park.html
David Tiller; Jim Foster 12/10 "Hope and Faith Halo" 10/hope-and-faith-halo.html
Unknown 13/10 "Heidenheim Sundogs" 10/heidenheim-sundogs.html
Andrew Heiz; Jim Foster 23/10 "Parhelic Circle and Halo Over Tannersville, New York" 10/parhelic-circle-and-halo-over-tannersville-new-york.html
Lisa Gonnelli; Jim Foster 02/11 "Circumzenithal Arc Over Southern New Jersey" 11/circumzenithal-arc-over-southern-new-jersey.html
Paul Gitto 03/11 "Circumhorizontal Arc Over Whiting, New Jersey" 11/circumhorizontal-arc-over-whiting-new-jersey.html
Gabriel Lombardi; Stu Witmer 16/11 "22 Degree Halo Above Portland, Oregon" 11/22-degree-halo-above-portland-oregon.html
John Stetson; Jim Foster 23/11 "Pollen Corona and Solar Pillar" 11/pollen-corona-and-solar-pillar.html
Aymen Ibrahem; Jim Foster 10/12 "Circumhorizontal Arc Over Alexandria, Egypt" 12/circumhorizontal-arc-over-alexandria-egypt.html
Joshua Udovich 11/12 "Tucson Infralateral Arc and Circumscribed Halo" 12/tucson-infralateral-arc-and-circumscribed-halo.html
William Lakefish; Jim Foster 22/12 "Banks Lake Pillar" 12/banks-lake-pillar.html

2009: Schema of URL: ({MM/Document})
Provider / Author Date Title MM/Document
Michael Miller 29/01 "Seattle Sun Pillar" 01/seattle-sun-pillar.html
Peg Zenko 04/03 "Solar Halo, Contrails and Feathery Shadows" 03/solar-halo-contrails-and-feathery-shadows.html
Jakob Kristoferitsch;
Jim Foster
23/03 "Sundogs Over Lofer, Austria" 03/sundogs-over-lofer-austria.html
Beverly Yost; Jim Foster 06/04 "Moundsville Sun Pillar" 04/moundsville-sun-pillar.html
Aymen Ibrahem; Jim Foster 16/04 "Halo and Pyramid" 04/halo-and-pyramid.html
Lisa Gonnelli; Jim Foster 27/04 "Circumzenithal Arc Over New Jersey" 04/circumzenithal-arc-over-new-jersey.html
Wojtek Rychlik; Jim Foster 07/05 "Lunar Halo Over Cascade, Colorado" 05/lunar-halo-over-cascade-colorado.html
Rob Bruner; Jim Foster 11/05 "Circumhorizontal Arc above Norfolk, Virginia" 05/circumhorizontal-arc-above-norfolk-virginia.html
Lisa Gonnelli; Jim Foster 25/06 "Pilesgrove Circumhorizontal Arc" 06/pilesgrove-circumhorizontal-arc.html
Robert L. Sheridan;
Jim Foster
06/07 "Winter Halo Above Eastern Massachusetts" 07/winter-halo-above-eastern-massachusetts.html
Paul Sears; Kelly Fast;
Jim Foster
17/08 "Mauna Kea Pillar and Sunset" 08/mauna-kea-pillar-and-sunset.html
Lisa Gonnelli 09/09 "Colorful Arc Above Pilesgrove, New Jersey" 09/colorful-arc-above-pilesgrove-new-jersey.html
Ole Johan Løkberg;
Aase Berg
15/09 "Sun Pillar and Sundog" 09/sun-pillar-and-sundog.html
Doug Zubenel; Jim Foster 18/09 "9 Degree Solar Halo" 09/9-degree-solar-halo.html
Lungchin Hsieh; Jim Foster 06/10 "22 Degree Halo Above, Kaohsiung, Taiwan" 10/22-degree-halo-above-kaohsiung-taiwan.html
Rob Bruner; Jim Foster 12/10 "Circumzenithal Arc Above Chesapeake, Virginia" 10/circumzenithal-arc-above-chesapeake-virginia.html
John Adam 02/11 "A Halo-laden Walk" 11/a-haloladen-walk.html
Lisa Gonnelli; Jim Foster 03/11 "22 Degree Halo and Circumhorizon Arc" 11/22-degree-halo-and-circumhorizontal-arc.html
Thomas Faber; Les Cowley 12/11 "Rare Halo Display Over Alpharetta, Georgia" 11/upper-tangent-arc-and-suncave-parry-arc-above-alpharetta-georgia.html
Miguel Claro; Jim Foster 01/12 "Refraction and Diffraction" 12/refraction-and-diffraction.html
Jay Brazell; Les Cowley 02/12 "Halo Display Above Granby, Colorado" 12/halo-display-above-granby-colorado.html

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Provider / Author Date Title MM/Document
Mario Freitas 05/01 "Prismatic and Pyramidal Ice Crystals above Curitiba, Brazil" 01/pyramidal-and-prismatic-ice-crystals-above-curitiba-brazil.html
Jens Hackmann;
Jim Foster
21/01 "Lunar Halo Over Bad Mergentheim, Germany" 01/lunar-halo-over-bad-mergentheim-germany.html
Robert Arn;
Jim Foster
03/03 "Lunar Halo in Taurus" 03/lunar-halo-in-taurus.html
Geir T. Øye 04/04 "Halo Over Orsta, Norway " 04/halo-over-orsta-norway.html
Ash Parameswaran;
Jim Foster
01/05 "Halo Display Over Coquitlam, British Columbia" 05/halo-display-over-coquitlam-british-columbia.html
Rafael Schmall;
Jim Foster
02/05 "Lunar Halo Above Somogy, Hungary" 05/lunar-halo-above-somogy-hungary.html
Livio Ruggiero;
Jim Foster
23/05 "Parhelia Above Lecce, Italy" 05/parhelia-above-leece-italy.html
Miguel Claro;
Jim Foster
08/06 "Arrábida Sun Pillar" 06/arrábida-sun-pillar.html
Lisa Gonnelli;
Jim Foster
17/06 "Circumhorizon Arc and Solar Halo" 06/circumhorizontal-arc-and-solar-halo.html
Michael Roman 15/07 "Circumhorizon Arc Above Ithaca, New York" 07/circumhorizontal-arc-above-ithica-new-york.html
David Modricker;
Jim Foster
07/08 "Sundog Over Seabrook Harbor" 08/sundog-over-seabrook-harbor.html
Jane Shively;
Jim Foster
29/08 "Two Suns" 08/two-suns.html
Carol Waldvogel;
Jim Foster
12/09 "Circumhorizontal Arc Over Yalaha, Florida" 09/circumhorizontal-arc-over-yalaha-florida.html
Geir T. Øye;
Jim Foster
25/09 "Lunar Halo and Moondog" 09/lunar-halo-and-moondog.html
Isolde Irene;
Jim Foster
11/10 "Circumzenithal Arc Over Tracy, California" 10/circumzenithal-arc-over-tracy-california.html
Greg Parker;
Jim Foster
16/10 "Sundog Stereo Pair"
David K. Lynch 27/10 "Circumhorizontal Arc and 22 Degree Halo Above Topanga, California" 10/circumhorizontal-arc-and-22-degree-halo-above-topanga-california.html
Thomas Faber;
Jim Foster
09/11 "Parhelic Arc Over Marietta, Georgia" 11/parhelic-arc-over-marietta-georgia.html
Lisa Gonnelli;
Jim Foster
02/12 "Supralateral Arc, Parhelion and Contrails" 12/supralateral-arc-parhelion-and-contrails.html
Thomas Faber;
Jim Foster
04/12 "Lunar Halo Above Roswell, Georgia" 12/lunar-halo-above-roswell-georgia-1.html

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Zsófia Biró;
Jim Foster
01/01 "Sunrise Sequence from Budapest, Hungary" 01/sunrise-sequence-from-hungary.html
David Lynch 30/01 "Bright Parhelion Above the San Fernando Valley" 01/bright-parhelion-above-the-san-fernando-valley.html
Brian Toycen;
Jim Foster
25/02 "Lunar Halo in Taurus" 02/pillar-and-arcs-above-amarillo-texas.html
Sharon I, Smith;
Jim Foster
03/04 "Copper Harbor Sun Pillar" Copper Harbor Sun Pillar
John Chumack;
Jim Foster
07/04 "22-Degree Halo Over Dayton, Ohio" 04/22-degree-halo-over-dayton-ohio.html
Brian Ritzer;
Jim Foster
13/04 "Hole Punch, Fallstreak and Sundog" 04/hole-punch-fallstreak-and-sundog.html
Heather J. Renyck;
Jim Foster
22/05 "22-Degree Halo Above Meaford, Ontario" 05/22-degree-halo-above-meaford-ontario.html
Francesco De Comite;
Jim Foster
05/06 "Belgium Halo Display" 06/belgium-halo-display.html
Mark Claudel Arzadon;
Jim Foster
01/10 "Circumzenithal Arc Above Pangasinan, Philippines" 10/circumzenithal-arc-above-pangasinan-philippines.html
Rick Stankiewicz;
Jim Foster
13/10 "Pillar Over Hearst, Ontario" 10/pillar-over-hearst-ontario.html
Graham A Stephen;
Jim Foster
12/10 "Sundog and Hole Punch Over Wales" 10/sundog-and-hole-punch-over-wales.html
Hernando Hernandez;
Jim Foster
27/11 "Two Suns" 11/two-suns.html
Alan Millar;
Jim Foster
30/11 "Tibetan Halo" 11/tibetan-halo.html

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Provider / Author Date Title MM/Document
Alessandro Zotta;
Jim Foster
21/01 "Sundog and Bright Tail Over Trento, Italy" 01/sundog-and-bright-tail-over-trento-italy.html
Patrick Hochleitner;
Selina Hochleitner;
Jim Foster
27/03 "Lunar Halo, Orion and Grossglockner" 03/lunar-halo-orion-and-grossglockner.html
Jay Brazel;
Jim Foster;
Dave Lynch
06/04 "Circumzenithal Arc and More Observed
Over Florida Panhandle"
Beth Katz;
Jim Foster
07/04 "120-degree Parhelion Over Easton, Pennsylvania" 04/the-120-degree-paranthelion-over-easton-pennsylvania.html
Kevin Povenz;
Andrew McFarlane;
Jim Foster
01/05 "Brilliant Sun Pillar Over Jenison, Michigan" 05/brilliant-sun-pillar-over-jenison-michigan.html
Eric Muller;
Jim Foster
10/05 "Lower Tangent Arc Observed Over
San Rafael, California"
Lisa Gonnelli;
Jim Foster
29/05 "22 Degree Halo and 46 Degree Halo" 05/22-degree-halo-and-46-degree-halo.html
Michelle Plumb;
Jim Foster
17/06 "Circumzenithal Arc Above Ritzville, Washington" 06/circumzenithal-arc-above-ritzville-washington.html
Rick Scott;
Jim Foster
29/06 "Desert Dogs" 06/desert-dogs.html
Lee Petersen;
Jim Foster
16/07 "Halo Display Over Black Rapids Glacier, Alaska" 07/halo-display-over-black-rapids-glacier-alaska.html
Bertrand Kulik;
Jim Foster
16/09 "Parhelion Above Arc de Triomphe" 09/perhelion-above-arc-de-triomphe.html
Rudolf Wehrung;
Jim Foster
06/10 "Arcs Above Caen, France" 10/arcs-above-caen-france.html
John Chumack;
Jim Foster
13/10 "Ohio Lunar Halo" 10/ohio-lunar-halo.html
Rudolf Wehrung;
Jim Foster
11/11 "Parhelic Arc Over Caen, France" 11/parhelic-arc-over-caen-france.html
Andra Langoussis;
David Hathaway;
Joseph DePasquale;
Jim Foster
12/11 "Magnificent Halo Display Over Huntsville, Alabama" 11/magnificent-halo-display-over-huntsville-alabama.html
Federico Buchbinder;
Jim Foster
29/11 "Sun Pillar Over Victoria Beach, Manitoba" 11/sun-pillar-over-victoria-beach-manitoba.html
Greg Parker;
Jim Foster
14/12 "Dog and Pony Show" 12/dog-and-pony-show.html

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Provider / Author Date Title MM/Document
Zsofia Biro;
Jim Foster
29/01 "Upper Tangent Arc Sequence" 01/upper-tangent-arc-sequence.html
Stan Stratton;
Jim Foster
26/02 "Sun Pillar Over Southwestern Illinois" 02/sun-pillar-over-southwestern-illinois.html
Benjamin Knispel 27/02 "Halo Complex Above Hanover, Germany" 02/halo-complex-above-hanover-germany.html
Geir T. Oye;
Jim Foster
23/04 "Upper Tangent Arc from Orsta, Norway" 04/upper-tangent-arc-from-orsta-norway.html
Ray Boren;
Jim Foster
24/04 "Eye in the Sky Over Delta, Utah" 04/eye-in-the-sky-over-delta-utah.html
Sebastian Riel;
Jim Foster
29/04 "Multiple Light Pillars" 04/multiple-light-pillars.html
Michael Grossmann 20/05 "Halo and Rainbow Panorama" 05/halo-and-rainbow-panorama.html
John Adam 16/06 "A Neighborly CHA Above Norfolk, Virginia" 06/a-neighborly-cha-above-norfolk-virginia.html
Philippe Moussette;
Jim Foster
01/07 "Halo Above Cap-Rouge, Quebec" 07/halo-above-cap-rouge-quebec.html
Constantinos Theodoridis;
Jim Foster
10/07 "Pillar Over Paiko Mountain" 07/pillar-over-paiko-mountain.html
Luis Argerich 23/07 "Super Lunar Halo Observed Around Supermoon" 07/super-lunar-halo-observed-around-supermoon.html
Scott Honodel;
Jim Foster
26/07 "Circumhorizon Arc Above Post Falls, Idaho" 07/circumhorizon-arc-above-post-falls-idaho.html
Judi Smelko;
Jim Foster
07/12 "Sun Pillar Over Hanover, Ontario" 12/sun-pillar-over-hanover-ontario.html
Beth Katz 08/12 "Halo Display Above Lancaster County, Pennsylvania" 12/halo-display-above-lancaster-county-pennsylvania.html

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Lisa Verzella;
Jim Foster
02/03 "Halo Display at Snowbird, Utah" 03/halo-display-at-snowbird-utah.html
Shawn Malone;
Jim Foster
14/03 "Superior Sundog" 03/superior-sundog.html
Andrea Anfossi;
Jim Foster
26/04 "Halos and Arcs Above Buenos Aires" 04/halos-and-arcs-above-buenos-aires.html
Leandro Perez;
Jim Foster
12/05 "Sundog Pair Over Valle de Chaschuil, Argentina" 05/sundog-pair-over-valle-de-chaschuil-argentina.html
Doug Farmer;
Jim Foster
13/05 "Upper Tangent Arc, Halo, Sundogs and
Glitter Path Observed from Vancouver"
Kosmas Gazeas 20/06 "Rare Atmospheric Halos Observed from Athens, Greece" 06/rare-atmospheric-halos-observed-from-athens-greece.html
Adrianos Golemis;
Jim Foster
03/07 "Sundogs Over Concordia Research Station, Antarctic" 07/sundogs-over-concordia-research-station-antarctic.html
Doug Farmer;
Jim Foster
21/07 "Summer Solstice Sun Pillar" 07/summer-solstice-sun-pillar.html
Robert Farrimond;
Jackie Phillips
07/08 "Lake Pend Oreille: Historic Site of a Glacial Ice Dam" 08/lake-pend-oreille-historic-site-of-a-glacial-ice-dam.html
Carl Crumley;
Jim Foster
01/09 "Circumzenithal Arc, Supralateral Arc and Upper Tangent Arc" 09/circumzenithal-arc-supralateral-arc-and-upper-tangent-arc.html
Sergio Montufar;
Jim Foster
04/09 "Sun Pillar Over Buenos Aires" 09/sun-pillar-over-buenos-aires.html
Filipe Correia;
Jim Foster
15/09 "Solar Halo Over Pego Do Altar, Portugal" 09/solar-halo-over-pego-do-altar-portugal.html
Manon Boily;
Jim Foster
12/10 "Circumzenithal Arc Over Saint-Hubert, Quebec" 10/circumzenithal-arc-over-saint-hubert-quebec.html
Fabiano B. Diniz 04/12 "Subparhelion Observed Over Southeastern Brazil" 12/subparhelion-observed-over-southeastern-brazil.html

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Greg Parker;
Jim Foster
20/01 "Lunar Halo Over the New Forest Observatory" 01/lunar-halo-over-the-new-forest-observatory.html
David Rankin;
Jim Foster
21/01 "Toadstools in Snow and Sun Spike" 01/toadstools-in-snow-and-sun-spike.html
Ole Johan Løkberg;
Aase Berg
28/02 "Encore - Sun Pillar and Sundog" 02/encore-sun-pillar-and-sundog.html
Malcolm Park 03/05 "Parhelic Circle, Halo and Arcs Over Bloomfield, Ontario" 05/parhelic-circle-halo-and-arcs-over-bloomfield-ontario.html
Nuno Lopes;
Jim Foster
12/07 "Solar Halo Over Famões, Portugal" 07/solar-halo-over-famoes-portugal.html
Sergio Montúfar;
Jim Foster
05/10 "Candles in the Dark" 10/candles-in-the-dark.html
Mary Brown 24/11 "Solar Halo Display Above Ottawa, Canada" 11/solar-halo-display-above-ottawa-canada.html
Sergio Montúfar;
Jim Foster
06/12 "Circumhorizontal Arc and 22 degree Halo
Observed Over Buenos Aires, Argentina"

Oksanen, Arto
"Mondhalodisplay im Eisnebel; Lunar halo display in freezing fog",
FinePixCDAlbum Ver.3.0: (29 Fotos),
Foto-Index: Halot 20041122, 11/22/2004-11/22/2004
Haloerscheinungen: 22°-Ring, 2 Nebenmonde mit Lowitzbogen, oberer Berührungsbogen, unterer Berührungsbogen,Parrybogen,
Infralateralbogen, Horizontalkreis, linker 120°-Nebenmod, rechter 120°-Nebenmond, Gegenmond,
Kreuz des Wegeners Gegensonnenbogens (Mond), Sonnenbogen (Mond), Untersonnenbogen (Mond)

Datum: 22. November 2004; Ort: Jämsä (φ=61° 52' N, λ=25° 12' E); Land: Finnland
code URL:foto
2004_1122AO0013 100-0001 11/22/2004
2004_1122AO0014 100-0002 11/22/2004
2004_1122AO0015 100-0003 11/22/2004
2004_1122AO0016 100-0004 11/22/2004
2004_1122AO0017 100-0005 11/22/2004
2004_1122AO0018 100-0006 11/22/2004
2004_1122AO0019 100-0007 11/22/2004
2004_1122AO0021 100-0008 11/22/2004
2004_1122AO0022 100-0009 11/22/2004
2004_1122AO0023 100-0010 11/22/2004
2004_1122AO0024 100-0011 11/22/2004
2004_1122AO0025 100-0012 11/22/2004
2004_1122AO0026 100-0013 11/22/2004
2004_1122AO0027 100-0014 11/22/2004
2004_1122AO0028 100-0015 11/22/2004
2004_1122AO0029 100-0016 11/22/2004
2004_1122AO0030 100-0017 11/22/2004
2004_1122AO0031 100-0018 11/22/2004
2004_1122AO0034 100-0019 11/22/2004
2004_1122AO0035 100-0020 11/22/2004
2004_1122AO0041 100-0021 11/22/2004
2004_1122AO0042 100-0022 11/22/2004
2004_1122AO0043 100-0023 11/22/2004
2004_1122AO0044 100-0024 11/22/2004
2004_1122AO0045 100-0025 11/22/2004
2004_1122AO0046 100-0026 11/22/2004
2004_1122AO0047 100-0027 11/22/2004
2004_1122AO0049 100-0028 11/22/2004
2004_1122AO0056 100-0029 11/22/2004

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